We’re here to help you create the financial life you want.

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Pines Financial Planning & Accounting.

Put your money to work for you. We’re here to help you create the financial life you want.

If you want to find the answers and make the most of your financial journey, it’s important to have an advisor who can help you along the way. That’s exactly what you can expect from Pines Financial Planning & Accounting – we will get to know you, understand how you see your future and identify clear steps to help you plan for it on your terms.

We’re experts in our field, and it’s our mission to get you results.

The first step where if not already sent by email we give you our Financial Services Guide (FSG) at our Initial meeting, here we review with you your Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) asking a lot of questions to identify your financial situation, needs and objectives so we can consider and determine where and how we can add value to your situation. As part of that document we review your Risk Profile that in turn provides a guide to the allocation of your investment funds across the different asset classes.

If we all agree that we can help you, and you want to progress to the next stage, we confirm and provide the details of our fixed fee for our initial Statement of Advice (SoA). In this meeting our aim is to understand:

  • your personal financial circumstances
  • your attitude towards risk and what you are trying to achieve
  • your current financial position and resources

From there and following any subsequent meetings and correspondence to establish and confirm/update your situation and objectives, we will apply our experience and expertise to develop a personal and tailored financial plan which we document in the SoA taking into consideration: all the above and the use of appropriate tax structures, investment strategies, asset protection and what investments we recommend to achieve the results you are seeking.

Our fee structure.

Our fees are based on:

  • the nature of advice to be provided
  • the complexity of your personal situation
  • time & costs required to develop & implement a financial plan for you
  • ongoing personal advice and associated financial planning services

For more information you can read our Financial Services Guide and the Adviser Profile.